The very last moment

It is 11 days away from Sundown Marathon, my first race of the year. Training has been consistent and yet painful as i have just resume it right after my exam break. It took a while for me to regain my fitness level back. Something happened today. My Polar RC3 watch was momentarily not working as the GPS could not get any signal. I was scheduled to do my workout for the day(2 sets of 2.4km with a 3 minutes rest in between). I spent about an hour trying to get the GPS signal, standing under the scorching hot sun. In the end, it could not detect any signal and i decided to head home. This watch has been with me for 3 years. It has never been damaged at all and has a lot of sentimental values in it. I was so reluctant to part way with it! As a christian, i have seen some amazing turn around in life at the very last moment. Therefore, i decided to make one last attempt at getting the GPS signal… and it worked! I was ecstatic and went on to complete my workout later in the evening. Just like the watch, running has been part of my life. It taught me so many things. Today, I have been reminded not to give up so easily, especially when things are against you. I have also been reminded that in life there are bound to be ups and downs. Just like my watch that was temporarily not working, my journey and preparation leading to this upcoming marathon was not so ideal. Things did not work for me at times. But as i look back, i have come so far not to be regretting about the things that i did not do but to be positive and thankful for the things that happened that make myself ready for the race. Be positive till the very last moment. Thank God for this reminder.


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