Sundown Marathon 2015 race report

Why I choose to run Sundown marathon

Since the end of Standard Chartered Marathon last December, my plan for 2015 is to run 2 marathons. The reason is to motivate myself to train harder, gain more experience in the marathon and to have more opportunities to challenge myself at the 42.125km distance.

I have been training considerably well for the past 6 months. During this period, i also participated a few races, ranging from 4.8km cross-country runs to 10000m track race. Everything was progressing well. The only downside was that I took a month break away from quality training(i did only light runs) due to examinations. As a result, my fitness level dropped slightly. My longest run clocked leading to Sundown was 21km.

Race Plan

As my longest run clocked was 21km, my coach had instructed me to do a positive split, covering the first half in 1 hour 46mins (which i did in 1hour47mins) and the second half in 1hour 51mins. This will enable me to achieve a personal best time of 3 hour 37mins. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I did not have the endurance to do so. I crossed the finishing line in 3hour 53mins.

No personal best but lots of personal gains

  • The night running experience was awesome. I got the chance to witness night life over at East Coast Park. Late into the night, i saw many group of people gathering around, ‘lepak-ing’. How i wish i could join them and not be running… haha.
  • As a runner that trains in the afternoon, under the scorching hot sun, i was encouraged by the fact that the weather was really good and cooling. It did make the race more enjoyable and easier to run in. Even though night running had made me feel sleepy at times, the weather at night had lifted me up, allowing my body to stay cool. I believe that if i was well prepared, a personal best would be on the card.
  • Comparing my split times with the SC marathon that i did 6 months ago, my split timings at both 21km and 25km were quicker for this Sundown Marathon. I feel encouraged. This shows that i definitely have become stronger. Hopefully over the next 6 months, my strength will continue to improve.
  • My body have become a more efficient fat and energy burner, I used to use 6 energy gels, back in 2012 SC marathon. Towards the last few km of marathon, i will usually feel sluggish and lack of energy. Fast forward 3 years later, i only used 3 energy gels and i still feel fresh and was able to push on strongly.

For now, i will be taking a week of rest, with zero running! looking forward to resume my training and build up to SC marathon. This time round, i will be gunning for my personal best. Up next: Durians \^_^/